About Rilio Framework

  • Rilio Framework is a small and simple Java AJAX web application framework.

  • Rilio Framework is an open source project, licensed using the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

  • Rilio Framework uses the true event-based programming model, component-oriented design and clear common conception.

  • HTML page is a pure HTML page and nothing more. No additional tags, no Java fragments inserted into HTML and so on. The only exception is that you can use Velocity template engine for rendering. Rilio controls are standard HTML elements.

  • No XML configuration files is required (except web.xml, of course). All the application logic is contained inside the Java code. Mappings between paths and Java classes are described in simple .properties file.

  • Rilio Framework source code is very easy to learn. It can be used as a start point for creation of more complex web libraries and applications.